Social Intelligence?

Navigating the world of Sociology is murky. We want to know group behavior and how the world functions.  Yet research often shows moderately reliable data that often gets expressed incorrectly as hard facts.  Add that to a market of people trying to find answers in a book, we are now at the massive money-making world of Self-Help books.  While I support people reading Top-Sellers and books I like, I really encourage everyone to be hypercritical of these books.  Be skeptical.  And don't take them to be 100% fact.  With that said, there is an author I like.  I would ask everyone to read his work and debate with me on his points. If not for that, just simply read it because his work is brought up in businesses all the time.  Here is a great speech from Daniel Goleman at Google Inc. discussing his concept of emotional intelligence.

You won't always have a million dollar budget

Often times it is difficult to find a source to learn from that speaks to everyone.  In video production I often find resources speaking to professionals with a lot of jargon.  This didn't help me at the beginning.  With websites like and, I was able to close the learning gap and become an expert who worked with some great team to create some killer content.

Here is another fantastic article from No Film School: